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The Meadowhawk Story

I grew up making granola with my mom in northern British Columbia, in a tiny town surrounded by mountains and forests. Years later in Brooklyn, I found myself dealing with Graves disease, an auto-immune condition that causes hyperthyroidism.

A strict elimination diet ruled out most of my usual breakfast choices, including my granola, and the allergy-friendly granola offerings on local store shelves left much to be desired. As one of the interesting silver linings of my journey back to health, I decided to adapt the recipe I had been making for years. A few months later, friends and family convinced me to bring both the old favorite and the new creations to market, and here they all are!

Now in upstate New York, I use the best ingredients I can find to make a product that makes my body, mind and spirit sing. All ingredients are certified organic, as local as possible, and grown, gathered or crafted by people who are excited about making connections with the people who purchase their products. Creating flavors and varieties of granola is a creative, intuitive process that I love, and sharing the results is a joy. In every batch that I make, I hold the memories of making granola in my mountain town.